Gravitational Marketing is a results-first media agency, specializing in paid search marketing, paid social advertising, traditional DR media buying, programmatic display, and email marketing. We also consult on direct response strategy, sales funnels and lead conversion.


Make Your Business Blast Off

How? By generating real, tangible results that matter NOW. We are experts at lead generation. That means when you work with us, we get you the leads your business needs to scale and grow.

You know that leads are the fuel for growing any business. Without leads there’s no gravity, there’s no attraction, there’s no momentum. Not having the leads you need can be frustrating and cost you precious time and money.

You also know that generating leads can be time consuming and expensive if you don’t do it correctly. That’s why we take a consultative approach to developing the perfect campaign strategy to help you meet and exceed your goals.

When you work with us, you’ll get a results-first approach custom-designed for your business and optimized daily by our team of experts. That means more leads, more sales and a better return on your investment.

So Why Should You Choose Us?


Because Our Approach Is Out Of This World


This company was founded with just 200 bucks. No angels, no loans and no safety net. When all you’ve got in the bank is a couple of Benjamins, you learn real quick that you either attract customers…or you fail. There is no in-between. It’s do-or-die, gun-to-the-head, make-it-or-break-it marketing. And that’s how we like it.

That was 20 years ago but that experience is the fuel behind what we do today. Now we use our thoroughly tested, scientific customer attraction strategies to help hundreds of clients nationwide generate more leads and convert more sales with less advertising waste.


Some people think we’re aliens because we don’t focus on the advertising glitz and glamor. We know that our clients can’t deposit ad awards and “atta boys” in the bank; that’s why we spend every moment of every day working on finding, perfecting and implementing advertising strategies that deliver real world results. If it doesn’t help you grow your business, we’re not interested. If it doesn’t create direct results, we don’t do it.

If you want sexy, we ain't your agency

If you want tangible, measurable and bankable leads, sales, growth and profit, then contact us right now.

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Our strategies and campaigns pull both active and passive prospects into your orbit.


We use emotional and educational direct response copy, appeals and content to intrigue, inform and engage your newly found friends.


We use consistency and constancy, reach and frequency to connect deeper, build relationships and engender trust.


We use strong offers and CTAs to guide your prospects to the next step in your sales funnel.


Ultimately, we believe life and business should be ESP—Enjoyable, Simple and Prosperous®. That means we think you should get more out of your business and have fun in the process. We know it may seem lofty, but we believe we can help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.

What You Can Expect When You Work With Us


Monthly Reports

We send regular reports that show you exactly how our work is contributing to your bottom line.


New Ideas

We never expect you to come to us with your next campaign. We handle the marketing, so you can get back to business.


Continual Testing

Good enough is never good enough for us. We’re constantly testing and looking for the next BIG idea.


Hands-On Optimization

Unlike some agencies, our team is in your accounts every day, analyzing presence, checking for anomalies and optimizing for performance.


Unlimited, Concierge Level Support

We’re already experts at lead generation, now we want to be an expert on your business and helping you grow.


No Contracts

We don’t believe you should ever pay for something that doesn’t deliver results. That’s why we never lock you into a contract. You stay with us as long as the partnership is profitable for both of us.

You May have Seen Us In...

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Our Services

We do everything under the sun, but here are some of our specialties.


Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads work because they’re disruptive, meaning you reach your customers where they are and when they’re in a content-consumption mindset regardless of whether or not they’re searching for you.

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Google Ads

This intent-based tool is great for protecting your brand and capturing customers who are already in the market for what you have to offer.

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Lead Generation

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a digital or traditional media solution, our team specializes in generating the leads your business needs to grow.

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Traditional Media

Radio and TV are still some of the most effective and lucrative ways to generate leads, especially if you have a mass market product. Because of our large-scale negotiating power and high frequency buys, our clients pay less but see better results. They say it’s like turning on a fire hose.

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Email Marketing

Other agencies will argue that email is dead. But it’s not, they just aren’t doing it right. We’ve got a full-proof plan for putting email to work for your business.

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Books By Our Founders

The Last Up The Last Up If you work in sales, this story has the power to change everything and make what you do more valuable. The future of sales and how you can reap the biggest rewards from the opportunity are revealed in this powerful and enchanting tale. Gravitational Marketing Gravitational Marketing: The Science Of Attracting Customers Stop pounding your head against the wall trying to win over prospects who don't need what you're selling, won't return your calls, and couldn't care less about your grand ambitions. Read Gravitational Marketing and find out how easy and simple it is to naturally attract a steady stream of qualified buyers who seek you out, pay more, stay longer, and refer everyone they know. Profit Snatchers Invasion Of The Profit Snatchers The invasion is underway. The Profit Snatchers are here to destroy your business and take your money. Everywhere you turn, the value of your service and expertise is being devalued, leaving entrepreneurs to rely on one thing to differentiate themselves: price. This book offers a simple solution that will allow you to stop competing on price and build a profitable business that people want to do business with. Same is Lame Little Jimmy Says, “Same Is Lame” Why is everyone trying so hard to fit in when there is so much uniqueness to celebrate? Jump in and follow the miniature ringmaster through his circus-inspired world of weird, where normal is ordinary, and ordinary is boring. In these fun-filled pages you'll discover what makes you unique and why being different is actually cool.

Why Our Partnerships Will Take You To The Moon


Our extreme efficiency in lead generation has earned us a sought-after Facebook partnership. When you work with us, you get more bang for your buck and access to premium benefits, like access to Beta tests before they’re released to the general public.


As Google Partners, all of our in-house experts are certified to get you the best results from your campaigns. They’re trained to serve up exactly what Google wants, find new opportunities and accelerate your growth. That means more brand recognition, more leads and more customers.


iHeartMedia is the largest radio broadcast company in the United States with multiple platforms including broadcast, podcast and streaming. As a partnered agency we work closely with iHeartMedia to provide our clients high frequency, the best time slots and unbeatable rates.

Brands We've Helped Blast Off

What Drives Us To Reach For The Stars


“Our mission is to inspire and encourage people and companies, through creativity, to think differently, to be better, to achieve more than they ever thought possible by breaking norms and making life and business ESP—Enjoyable, Simple & Prosperous®.”

OUR Crew

We’re a full-service, direct-response agency that has been breaking norms and inspiring companies to think differently since 2004. Our team of highly sought-after professionals are experts at generating leads who are determined to help you achieve your goals.

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Let’s make your business blast off!

We’ll put together a comprehensive Plan Of Attract that will show you the untapped opportunity for more leads and profit. During the process we’ll analyze your current advertising plan, creative, landing pages and offers and show you how we can help you skyrocket past your goals and launch your business and life into the stratosphere.