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Your Opinion Matters

This is a general call for the opinions of all current Inner Circle members.

You deserve to get the things you want. Period. There's absolutely no point in us creating information that you don't find valuable. So we're asking all of you to share your opinions.

Please email you comments to

What would you like to see as part of your membership that we AREN'T currently offering?

What current features do you feel aren't necessary or valuable?

What's your favorite feature of the site currently?

How would you feel about the following?

  • Audio versions of all journal entries, so you could listen, instead of read. Perhaps save up the entries for the week and burn them to a cd to listen to in your car.
  • An ad hoc advertisement review where we each give our first impressions and thumbs up or thumbs down on new ads we come across each week.
  • A printed newsletter.

What one topic of interest do you wish we would focus on more?

Thank you in advance for all of the feedback you're about to give. It will truly help us increase the value of the information you receive.