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We Respond To Hooters

This post is in response to Adam Dudley's message on Hooters in the Million Dollar Idea Exchange. The reply has a lot of value so It bares repeating here. I've posted our response below.


Being scendsational is the key to having a recognizable, viral and memorable brand. Creating a scendsational edge and constantly and consistently reinforcing that edge in all of your direct response marketing efforts is a powerful strategy.

We call this Brandscending and it is the only way for a small business to establish any kind of brand equity or value whatsoever. By being scendsational and using effective Brandscending techniques you can plant seeds in the minds of current and future customers. It is something we love because we kind of beat Madison Ave at their own game using this technique. It gives the “small-guy” a somewhat unfair advantage over their competition, because they can use the power of branding without spending the money it usually requires.

Hooters used the scendsational concept very effectively and probably has had to do little advertising at all to be successful. They found what people really wanted and gave it to them in a way that was scendsational enough that it caused a stir, got people talking and newspapers writing. At the same time they provided something people really wanted. And it was directed at very specific group of people.

Hooters wasn’t afraid to alienate some, they weren’t afraid to upset some. They are not a product for the masses. It is a commodity market (fast food) but they took the big step to only focus on a small group in that big market and they made everything - slogan, wall coverings, etc. exactly how that group wanted it. - Scendsationally

That’s a recipe for success.