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The Secret Wealthy Entrepreneurs Know That The Rest Of You Don’t

system.gifSystems Make Your Life Enjoyable, Simple and Prosperous Travis and I talk about systems a lot. Why? Because systematic processes are vitally important for the success of a small business or any business for that matter. So, what is a system anyway? A system is a duplicatable series of simple steps that generate a profit WITHOUT you being involved. Can you spot the power of this concept? The Power: It generates a profit without you being involved. Plus it’s a series of simple and duplicatable steps which means you can easily train people to do it for you. This frees up your time doing the day-to-day business tasks and allows you to focus on more important things…like marketing your business. Systems and processes also ensure that every customer and every transaction is handled the exact same way. Nothing is left up to chance. You develop a system that works and you make sure everyone goes through the system so the results can be mathematically predictable. Your employees will love this too because they are starving for direction. It makes their lives easier to know exactly what to do and when to do it. They follow a clearly defined plan and if they do it it’s impossible for them to fail. The way you take incoming calls should be a system. The way you handle a lead should be a system, the way you upsell, the way you market and handle those leads, the way you do what you do. It all should be systematized down to a script on what needs to be said.

Here are the reasons why systems fail:

  • Ego
  • You think you’re too important
  • You can’t let go – you’re a micromanager
In essence the reason why systems don’t work (or never get implemented) is because most small business owners can’t possibly consider relinquishing control. Even a shred. In order to be truly wealthy you must build a system that runs itself. A system that is dupliactale and teachable. One that runs without you and is profitable. This way you can work on improving the process, marketing more, bringing more people into the system and creating other businesses that run the same way. These principles are what separates people who own a job and people who own a business that affords them the lifestyle they want to live. Creating systems is the up front hard work that makes owning and running a profitable business E.S.P. - Enjoyable, Simple and Prosperous.