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Not Another Confederate Flag

Great targeting idea from my mom...

My mother called me this morning with a "Christmas gift idea" for my brother.

She had just seen a sun shade on the back window of a pickup truck that was created from an personal image. This particular image was of an Apache helicopter.

Well, my brother is flight engineer in the army on a Chinook helicopter. He recently returned from Afghanistan and played a large role in rescue efforts in Louisiana/Mississippi. Needless to say, he's really "in to" Chinooks.

He has incredible pictures he's taken from around the world - of his helicopter in outrageous settings - doing amazing things. He'd love one of those images on the back of his truck.

She said, "I just don't know where to find it - I don't even know what it's called. Where should I start?"

I was instantly reminded of the teleconference last night - and the discussion about reaching prospects on the Internet - and the fact that they needed to know how to describe what they were looking for.

At any rate, my mother, being the marketing genius she is, says, "Somebody really ought to consider specializing in making these things for military 'people' - and using all of the great pictures they come home with. Those people would really eat it up. And they could advertise them right in the magazines he reads."

Wow. Pretty good point and idea. Two points for mom.

But it's an interesting idea - rather than just making these customized window screens for everybody, make them specifically for military.

You'll have an easier time reaching the prospects, you can position yourself as "uniquely qualified" for that niche, and ultimately charge a few bucks more.

I know I'd rather get my brother's made from the guy who specializes in helicopter screens than some guy who messes around with confederate flags and such.