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Motion Over Meditation

This is perhaps one of the best marketing secrets I've learned. It's so simple - but as a rule, it is violated constantly.

It's such a big problem, that by simply following this rule, you will be far ahead of most of your competitors (if not all of them).

The rule: Motion Over Meditation.

We said in the ad tear down yesterday that a C grade mail piece - in the mail - is far better than and A+ piece never sent. And that should be gospel to you.

If you wait until an ad, a letter, a script, a design, or any other marketing element is perfect before you execute it, you will never execute it. It will never be perfect.

You've got to be fast. Fast is what you competitors aren't.

Your goal should be to launch a new campaign and be half way on to the next idea before you competition has even decided on a headline (if they're smart enough to use a headline).

Move. Quickly. Test. Measure.

We've worked with small businesses that make decisions via committee.'re not General Motors. Don't act like it.

If you're the proprietor, the entrepreneur, the owner, the boss, or the person in charge of pulling the trigger - pull it. Don't ask a ton of people what they think - because they're not qualified to give their opinion.

They will either tell you it looks good to be nice, or make some critiques to be helpful. Or they'll want to look important, so they'll throw all kinds of wrenches in the works. You can't afford that. Because if one of your competitors is fast, they're going wipe you out while you're thinking about it.

As a perfect example of this, I want to applaud - and I mean standing ovation - two of the gold members who participated in the call in day just over a week ago.

[If you haven't listened to those calls, I urge you to scoot over to the "Call In Days" section in the members-only site.]

One, Craig from SalesNexus, revised the landing page on his web site (from paid search advertising) to be more in sync with the recommendations we made on the call.

This new version arrived in my email box less than 2 business days after our conversation. Fast!

Two, Beth from Keller Williams. Jimmy received a post card at his house from Beth with the EXACT OFFER we recommended she use. And when we gave her the idea, we told her we knew there were a lot of obstacles that came with the offer. But she did it anyway. And FAST!

She wrote, designed, printed, and mail a new postcard with the new offer - and it arrived in Jim's mail box just 1 week after our call.

These are perfect examples of people exercising motion over meditation. I commend them for it - and am quite confident they will find great success.

(See my next post for a unique definition of success in this business.)