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Is This Going To Be YOUR Year?

By Jimmy Vee

newyear.gifWith the New Year comes refreshed minds, hearts and vigor. We get a cleansing of our past “sins” and we get a clean, fresh start to make it a great and successful year. So is this year going to be YOUR year? I’ll tell you this. If you’re buying into all the traditional media hype that this year is going to be a bad year for the economy and letting all the negativity in the news seep into your mental consciousness then you will poison your success from the start. So, my success focused friends, the first thing we must do is start with the right mindset. A positive and prosperous mindset and an attitude of aggressiveness. Commit that you will do what it takes this year to make it happen. To make your dreams a reality and not wait for the dream fairy to bestow good fortune on to you. In my last post, I talked about my personal goal setting and the other day, I launched a press release on how resolutions are bad business for small business owners and entrepreneurs. My point was that a resolution, in its truest form, is just a fleeting thought made over a few glasses of cheap Champagne. In order to have real success you have to know where you want to go and be committed to those outcomes completely. You must have the vision of what success looks like for you today, this week and this year. Then you must have an insatiable desire to attain it and unwavering determination no matter what comes your way. Sounds easy right? Most people don't get past the first step. Do you have what it takes to make this year your best? Are you thinking accurately about what it takes and are you setting yourself up for success or failure up front? A lot of people think you can just say, “This is going to be MY year.” But then nothing happens and they are surprised and disappointed. Some people are waiting for a big stroke of luck to come their way. The one thing that puts all the pieces in place for them or the big opportunity that comes their way and makes everything better. Here’s some news. There is no big event that takes you from zero to hero overnight. Success isn’t an event, it’s an effort. An ongoing campaign. In our business, we have had plenty of events that seemed like they were going to be the turning point but never are and leave a depressing sort of stench behind. Do you know what I'm talking about? I'm sure you've had those too. This usually leaves you scratching your head and asking, "Can every event that seems like it’s going to make the difference turn out to suck and be a let down?" The answer is the secret to keeping a positive attitude and success within your grasp. Here it is. The events are a let down because the expectations we create for them are too high. Once you realize that a single event doesn’t bring success and that it’s just a stepping stone in the process, each event can be a celebration, not a disappointment. A war is won with many small victories. So is success in business and life. In marketing we teach our clients the same thing. A single ad can’t do the whole sales job. It should only ask the prospect to take a very low risk and small step. It’s just a piece in the marketing and sales funnel. It’s when a client believes that a single ad, campaign or copywriting job is going take the business from failure to success that they become disappointed with the results and believe that marketing doesn’t work. We know this isn’t the case. We know that marketing is the only thing that works. And that a successful marketing strategy is made up of many varying degrees of successful components and even some failures. All of it together creates ultimate success for a business. Ready for the pay off? The key points you need to know.
    1. Decide what success looks like and how it will be measured
    2. Decide what your strategy is going to be
    3. Decide the actions you are going to take to implement that strategy
    4. Celebrate every completion and victory no matter how minor
    5. Don’t let yourself get too attached to any one opportunity or event... it will only bring you down.
In order to achieve all of this you must set aside time to just think and make decisions about your business and life and the direction you want them to take, what you want to accomplish, change and improve. Then you must take action. The fate of the year is in your hands now. Make it great!