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How To Handle Leads

So, this client of ours has gotten a list of leads this week from her new efforts.

She says to us, "Nobody seems to want my widget.  I tell them about my package and they say it's not what they were looking for."


She suggested, "I think the ad is too vague. I think we need to be more clear about the features of the widget so that people call in and are ready to buy it."

Well, if only life were so simple. You see, marketing's job is merely to generate leads. It's supposed to throw out a benefit, and cause people who are interested in attaining that benefit to raise their hands and identify themselves.

That's what's happening in her ads. Lot's of benefits, few features. Guess what? People call like crazy. So how do you handle those calls?

Here's my suggestion:

Hi this is ____,
Hi, _____, I'm calling about the "wacky widget" package. How much is it?
Oh great, the wacky widget package is perfect for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to attain benefit a, benefit b, and benefit c. What kind of business do you have?
I make baskets. So, what does the package contain?
Well, what are you to trying to accomplish? Are you trying to get this benefit? Trying to take advantage of this side effect of a benefit? Trying to get more response something you're doing by virtue of benefit c? 
Well, we have _______________. And I would like to create more of ____________________.
Well great. Why don't you come down to my office, I can put together a custom "wacky widget" package just for you and I can show you different options for creating a benefit a using your _______ and how to get benefit b. How about Monday at 10?

You see, she was expecting people to attach the benefits promised in the ad with the product. So they called for the wacky widget package and she said, "Sure, it's got feature a and feature b." No thanks says the buyer. They didn't make the connection.

They responded to a benefit, now you have to walk them through the process of attaining it.

People are like big babies walking around holding their umbilical cord in their hands, looking for someplace to plug it in. You have to take the lead roll and show them were to put it. (not my analogy, and I can't remember whose it is, otherwise I would attribute it).

So keep this in mind next time you start to huff and puff about the quality of your leads.