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Hook Up In 90 Days

reg_cover.jpgI was watching Seinfeld reruns last night and saw a really great ad running that I had to share with you guys.

The ad was for is an online dating service whose major competitor is Eharmony runs tons of offline and online advertising but up until last night I had not seen any offline advertising for

Let me tell you why this ad was so great…

The entire commercial was for one thing, a free guide which you can request by calling a toll-free phone number or going to their web site.

The title of the guide itself was great marketing worth studying.

The guide was called, “How To Find The Right Person In 90 Days: A Step By Step Guide Based On Millions Of Relationships Inspired by”

The ad was effective because of its clarity. They didn’t junk up the ad by trying to sell the service and the guide in the same ad. They only focused on selling the guide. What they were actually selling was a next step in the marketing process.

Once someone requests the guide knows they have an interested prospect and then they spend their time and dollars marketing to those prospects over and over again.

I'm requesting the guide for marketing purposes and I'll let you know what happens.