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Hey! Does This Stuff Work?

This afternoon we received an email from Inner Circle Member Pete Wincup, of My Biz Purchasing Group, explaining that he had used a simple idea - not a specific tactic for his business - but more of a mindset concept - that we shared with him last week to generate 4 new clients today.   Previously, his record had been 2 in one day.   By applying the idea he gained the confidence necessary to make irresistible offers to qualified people.   Congratulations to Pete!   So does this work? You bet your back end it does.   All you have to do is strategically apply the proper efforts.   So what was this idea, you ask?   It's so simple, I'm almost embarrassed to tell you.   But this simple idea made a huge impact on Pete - so maybe it will for you, too.   Rather than trying to find 1 way to get 30 new clients, look for 30 ways to find 1 client.   That's it. And so┬áthe story goes, Mr. Pete racked up 4 new deals today, setting a personal record.   Now imagine what he'll be able to do next week with the new confidence he has now.   You see, when you sell something, you start to really believe that you can sell something - which in turn, causes you to sell something.   Action breeds action. Bottom line.   So get out there and do something!