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Here’s Why It Won’t Work

Before reading this, check out the previous post entitled "A SimpleĀ & Effective Way To Make It Happen" The big problem is...the reason it won't work is... I haven't seen them advertise this anywhere but on the table tops of the Italian Restaurant. I am their target. I live in the neighborhood across the street. I'm married. I don't have plans for V-Day. But I haven't seen this yet. No mailer, no post card, no letter, no email, no mention at the chamber, no signs. They have a good offer and a good alliance and a good idea. But they will all be rendered useless if they don't tell anyone about it. When a tree falls in the forest, but there's no one around the hear it, does it make a sound? Of course. But if a sale happens in a store but they fail to tell anyone, that sale DOES NOT HAPPEN. Waste! To boot, Jim & I asked the server, "How's this promotion working for you guys - are you booking up?" Answer: "I don't know...they don't tell me anything...I just show up and find out if the tables are full." Hmmm. Sad. How about, instead: "Yes, absolutely. In fact we only have two slots open - what are you gentlemen doing for V-Day? I'm sure your wives would love that massage..." Simple. Unfortunately, if these guys don't get their act together - and fastĀ - this great idea will fail. Then they'll probably say, "Joint ventures don't work - we tried it."