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Here’s A Guy Who’s Got A Chance

216405-193668-thumbnail.jpgClick the image to the left. It will open up a copy of a letter we received in the mail this week. Read it.

Now, this letter is not perfect. Not even close. But it's an example of a small business intelligently marketing. And he really stands a chance of getting good results from this campaign.

I don't show this to you because it's a great looking piece. Or even because it's good copy. I'm showing this to you because it is good enough. And when it comes to marketing as a small business, you need to move quickly and settle for good enough.

If you waited to write the perfect letter, come up with the perfect design, the perfect offer, get the perfect logo - you would never get anything out.

But if you make a compelling offer, along with an explanation for why you're making it, and you get it in peoples' hands, you have a chance of it working.

If you do nothing, it ain't gonna work. And that's one marketing guarantee I can make you.

So, congrats to this guy. Keep it up.