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Cool Cars and Bad Pizza

Last night Jim and I were invited over for pizza at a friend's house. On our way, we passed a house with a Lamborghini in the driveway. I said, "it's the Pizza guy." We laughed, then our minds flashed and we realized:

"What a great idea for a pizza joint!"

Here's the idea: Delivery only pizza place - the drivers show up in exotic cars like Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Maseratis, Lotus, etc. Perhaps even decked out, high-end Mercedes or BMWs. When the driver arrives, the customer gets to come outside and check the car out, sit in it (driving it probably is a bad idea). But you get the idea.

Guys (young, single guys especially) love to check out killer cars. So why not give 'em what they want. Pull right up to the house in a car they'd drool over.

The beauty is, the pizza wouldn't really have to be that good. And, you could charge a premium for the pizza - because it's something these guys couldn't get anywhere else.

Now, I know all of the inherent problems: cost of the cars, insurance, liability, theft. Blah blah blah. Our job is to come up with big appeals - big reasons for people to care. Other people are responsible for working out the details. Bottom line is this - for a serious enough business person, the details could be worked out.

So, you're thinking, "I don't own a pizza joint so what good is this for me?"

You see, this really isn't about pizza. It's about developing appeals for targeted groups of people that extend beyond your base product or service. It's about getting out of the commodity game and getting into the desire game. Deliver what people want, not pizza.

This may be tough for some people to wrap their heads around. But those who do and who run with it - watch out!

So spend some time thinking about what you customers are passionate about. Think about the kinds of posters they would hang up in their clubhouses (if they had one). Then, find a way to deliver with your product/service piggy backed.