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Big League Let Down

When I'm driving I listen exclusively to books and seminars on tape or CD. To me it seems like the only valuable use of otherwise wasted time. But this afternoon my CD stash ran low, and I had nothing to listen to. So I turned on AM radio - the next best thing. Instantly, I heard a commercial for Big League Haircuts. And the commercial was an endorsement from 2 of the on air personalities...which means it cost even more than a regular commercial. Big League only has 4 locations - one of which happens to be in my little neighborhood. It's a pretty cool place. I think we've written about it before on this blog. It's got a sports theme and each chair has a flat screen TV and a remote for you to control. So you can watch TV (sports) while you get your hair cut. Thankfully for me they also have Food Network and Fox News (I'm not much of a sports fan). But that's their big deal. You can watch TV. Oh, and they give you a neck massage with a hair cut. So back to the commercial. In this 60 second spot, the 2 jocks blabbed about family-friendly service, good prices, and great haircuts. WHAT???????? What in the {expletive edited because I have a daughter now} are they thinking? I mean, get real! Here's a company that was wise enough to come up with something different than what every other chop shop in town offers, but they fail to mention it in their ultra-expensive radio ads. First of all, the prices are not good. It costs $19 to get the same haircut you can get for $12 anywhere else. Second, the haircuts are not great. They're fine. The same haircut you get for $12. I'm fairly certain the people who work there went to the same cosmo school as everyone else. Finally, family friendly? Is that a quality the sports-loving guy looking for a haircut is interested in? And you know what? Not once in that commercial did they mention the TV. In my opinion, they bombed. The only reason anyone should come there was left out. And all of the cliche reasons that everyone gives were given. When's the last time you got your hair cut some place new because a radio jock said..."and they give great haircuts." Anyway, please don't do stupid stuff like this in your advertising. If you've gotten to the point where you actually offer something unique, be sure to highlight that fact in your ads. Just because everyone else says good prices, friendly service, and great quality doesn't mean you should say it too. Don't fall for that trap (and don't let the radio station write your commercial).