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A Waste Of A Good Excuse To Bug Me

daylightsaving.jpgI got a post card from a realtor in the mail this week. It was reminding me that the end of daylight saving time was coming up this weekend.

At first I thought, "What a clever reason to contact me. Any excuse to strike up a conversation is a good one."

But as soon as the conversation had started, it was over. The post card was just a reminder and a name.

So, what was the goal? Oh yeah...the realtor was trying to "get her name out there."

So how did it work? For starters, I don't remember her name. And since she didn't ask me to take any step - or give me any reason to pick her over any other realtor - I would say that mailer was pretty much worthless.

How should she have done it?

Well, in my humble opinion, I think it was wise to lead with the daylight saving reminder. Many people would probably gasp and think, "Oh my goodness...that's already this weekend."

But then I would tie that information in with something. I'm just making this up...but how about something like, "Each year around this time, new buyer interest spikes for the last time before the holidays. So if you're thinking about listing, now would be a perfect time to make your move."

She really could have said anything...order my free report, I just sold the house down the street for a bazillion dollars, I have buyers who are interested in your house. She had a captive audience, and she had the microphone for about 1.5 seconds. But she blew it.

Don't make these mistakes in your marketing. I encourage you to use timely, relevant information in your communication. But be sure to include a benefit, an offer, and a call to action.