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You’ve Got To Gravitate

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My friends, as you can see we have a great cross to bear in the commoditization of the marketplace and if you think it doesn’t affect you – YOU ARE WRONG.

Sam hits it right on the head here. You need to think creatively and act strategically to differentiate your product, service and process from everyone else’s.

You see, the beautiful part is that we are all uniquely different people and we all have uniquely different styles, tastes and personalities. So put some of your own distinctive flair to your process, your product or your service and create an experience out of it.

If you do that you will have broken yourself free from the rat race of being the lowest priced widget in the universe and propelled yourself to a stellar level that very few reach.

Positioning yourself as an expert also adds the cherry on the top of the sundae – so to speak.

These concepts are some of the base elements of Gravitational Marketing. Study them and become a master of your own marketing.

Only you can breath the life into your business.

Commodity businesses are enslaved to low price wars and the aggravating, low gross, low profit, work-for-peanuts daily grind. You have a choice but it takes action to make a change.

Be a commodity or GRAVITATE.

It’s your choice.