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You Can’t Take That To The Bank

deposit2.jpgEvery small business owner, entrepreneur and independent sales person needs to think about their marketing in terms of direct response.

What is direct response?

Well, direct response marketing is marketing that delivers a trackable and measurable return on the dollars spent.

Seems pretty simple, straight forward and logical - don’t you think?

Then, why do some many small businesses consistently toss tons of time, energy and money down to the tidy bowl man?

Why do they constantly talk about and spend dollars on “getting their name out there?”

It’s a complete waste of limited cash and resources and it doesn’t work.

You can not build brand as a small business with a limited marketing and advertising budget. If you don’t have a Cola Giant budget you can’t copy the Cola Giant’s ad strategy – i.e. spending money to “get your name out there” and hope you get customers in return.

That is leaving your business success up to chance and that’s not a smart strategy.

But you want to build image and brand awareness….

Listen, you can’t deposit brand awareness in the bank and if your marketing efforts don’t yield something you can deposit in the bank then you shouldn’t be doing it.

That is why you need to study, learn and practice Gravitational Marketing SM .

You have to stop thinking about your role in your company as a maker or seller of widgets. You are not in the business of making or selling widgets.

You must be in the business of marketing widgets. Your role has to become chief marketer of widgets.

For example…let’s say you own a pest control company.

What business are you in?

The obvious answer is the pest control business.

But in this case the obvious answer is the wrong answer. And as in most things in life the common thinking only leads to common results.

Common Results = Common Life.

The correct answer is that you are a marketer of pest control.

The marketing function is what brings in the business. It’s what generates the leads that turn into sales which bring in the dollars that you can deposit into your bank account.

Your thinking has to completely change if you want to be successful.

This total reengineering of you role has to occur if you want your business and your life enjoyable, simple and prosperous.