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You Can’t Do Everything

This is some great content I swiped out of an email about effective delegation.

Knowing what you are good at and what tasks are not productive uses of your time is a major key to small business and entrepreneurial success.

Dick Benson, a genius mail order direct marketer, said, “I only do what I am exceptionally qualified to do and everything else I buy around the corner.”

This is a hard concept for most entrepreneurs and small business owners to grasp because by nature we are wired to do things ourselves. BUT, it is very important to learn this lesson early if ultimate success is your goal.

So check out these tips below.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to stop doing things ourselves and start leading others to do those things for us. Here are some steps to effective delegation:

  • Stop trying to do everything. Select, instead, competent candidates to handle facets of the project
  • Foster the success of your delegates by showing each of them how they might create the results you want, and then proffer your trust that they can get the job done
  • Watch their performances and coach them on how to improve
  • Give them the opportunity to provide feedback and follow up on any suggestions
  • Don't forget to give praise, feedback and to celebrate their successes