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What’s The Best Way To Sell A Fruitcake??

fruitcake.jpgHave you ever heard the phrase, “It’s not what you say that counts it’s how you say it?”

Who ever said that has never tested and measured good advertising copy.

The words you use to paint a picture of your product, service and offer to your prospects and customers can be the difference between success and failure in an ad campaign.

Sometimes the difference isn’t measured in success and failures. Sometimes the difference is reflected in the bottom-line.

Travis and I do work in the automotive niche. This concept is exemplified in this industry more so than in many.

Have you ever heard of “pre-owned vehicles?”

What’s the difference between “pre-owned vehicles” and used cars?

The answer: only semantics.

Here’s another example provided by Sandy Franks of Agora Publishing.

Collin Street Bakery, headquartered in Texas, was struggling to generate sales for its fruitcake.

The cakes are delicious. But "fruitcake" has a negative image.

One of the reasons Collin Street fruitcakes taste so good is they are made with pecans grown on the Texas river banks.

So Collin Street Bakery repositioned their fruitcake, calling it a "Native Texas Pecan Cake."

The results: response rates to direct mail selling the cakes increased 60% ... and the promotion was so successful, the bakery sent 12 million pieces of mail.

Take away for small businesses.

Are you presenting your product, service and offer in the best light? Is there a way you can explain it differently for greater impact. How about the name of your offer, guarantee, product or service? Is there a more appealing way to say it?

This is a great place to test and measure folks.