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What Howard Stern Knows About Marketing that Few Small Business Owners Will Ever Find Out

The King Of All Media can make people buy products and services with one mention of it on his show. Discover secret marketing tactics that Stern knows that the establishment has been keeping from you. These secrets can mean significant growth for your business in 2006.

Love him or hate him, small business owners need to take stock in some of the tactics the “King Of All Media” has used to create an veritable em

pire of raving fans who consume every word, product and affiliate he endorses.

Regardless of whether you like him or not he undeniably has left an indelible mark on a huge marketplace. Small businesses should strive to achieve a similar thing in their own market.” Vee and Miller, who consistently urge and persuade small business owners to buck the establishment and use non-traditional marketing methods, reveal 3 tactics Stern uses effectively that small business owners can “rip off” and use to grow their business.

1. The institution of broadcasting is not unlike the institution of traditional marketing. Stern uses an “against the grain” approach, a contrarian position to gain attention from people and the media. Small business owners should strive to take a polar position as well. Trying to be all things to all people and the need to please everyone will actually get you less attention and fewer customers. If you are afraid you will offend someone with your personal style you run a high risk that you will be no one’s first choice and invisible to most. Stern understands that it takes some people to hate him to gain a portion that love him.

2. Stern vows to uphold a certain image and standard whether it’s good for business or not. Small business owners should do the same. Many times because small business owners are operating on limited capital and trickling cash flows they take any business that comes along even if it conflicts with their better judgment. Pain-in-the-butt customers who do not fit a business’ profile of an ideal customer hurt a small business more than they help. Many times a few bad clients can make the work environment less productive and the business less profitable.

3. Like Stern, small businesses have the ability to be flexible and quick. They have the ability to make the changes required for them to succeed. Although many small business owners have the ability to be flexible, their thinking and egos make them unable to adapt and change in order to achieve the success they desire.