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What Are Your Prospects Talking About?

We often mention the concept of "Entering the conversation already taking place in your customers' minds." It was first presented by Robert Collier (author of The Robert Collier Letter Book). The basic idea is to talk about what your customers are talking about. Just waltz right into their mind - break into their conversation - be on the same wavelength as them. That's kind of what I want to talk about here - but in a more specific way. You see,  why not combine this idea with the powerful mouthpiece of the press? Here's what I'm talking about. Watch the news closely - and pay attention to pop culture. Find out what's on everybody's mind. Then take one of those concepts and find a way to tie it into your business. A copywriter, Craig Garber, did this this week with the death of Richard Pryor. He wrote a press release that explained what Richard Pryor knew about marketing that most business owners don't. Turns out, last week, Richard Pryor was one of the fastest growing searches online. This guy shared in that action with a relevant piece of information. You could do that do. What current events or pop information relates to you? American Idol is coming back in January - and you can bet millions of people will be searching and reading about it. So what do you do with these press releases? For one, submit them to online press release points - like Or you could submit the release to a wire service - like - or you could simply send them to your local newspaper. Want to know what's being searched online? Check out . Yep - pretty cool, isn't it? By the way, this information does nothing for you if you just read it. You have to do something with it. Oh, and one last tip, act fast. These stories are usually just a flash in the pan.