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We’re Serious Abut Your Success, But Are You?

I've heard a few times from a few Inner Circle members that they just couldn't afford the $49 fee for membership. That the bills were piling up, and they were having a tough time making ends meet, and they needed to cut expenses.

Excuse me for having a strong opinion on this topic - but this is the absolute worst item you can cut from your budget. And I'm not saying that because I get the money. In fact, if you don't pay for my information, please pay for someone else's (who can help you build your business).

You see, the information presented inside the circle is the kind of information small businesses need to "make it."  By not paying, in order to save, you're effectively giving up and are almost destined for failure.

So you have an extra $49. Now what? How is that going to keep your business alive? What are you going to do? Wait for luck to shine down on you and people to start walking through the door? It's not going to happen. The universe doesn't reward people who don't take action.

Some might say, "If you care about small businesses so much, and think the inner circle can help them, why not just let them stay in for free?" My answer is simple - the $49 is the cost of proving that you are committed to your own success. If you aren't willing to part with the $49 in exchange for the most powerful small business marketing advice available, you are not going to be willing to take the kind of action we suggest our members to take.

And if you're not going to take the actions we recommend, why should you be in the circle anyway? We don't want a whole bunch of people taking up space who do nothing but TALK about taking action. No - we want people who are 100% committed to doing the hard work that makes owning a business easy.

And if that means that every single inner circle member cancels their membership upon reading this, so be it. If you aren't going to use the information here to better your business - and get off your duff and do what's necessary - give up your spot to someone who will.

We can empathize with you, truly. We are a small business. We started our business with a total investment of $200. (I'll tell you what we did with that $200 in another post.) Do I recommend it? No. But does it happen every day? Yes.

But even if all you have is a $200 investment to work from, you need to pony up.

You see, under our current ridiculous promotion, you can get a total of 60 days in the inner circle for a whopping 99 cents (which won't be around much longer). Even the guy holding a sign on the expressway exit ramp can afford that.

And in those 60 days, you are exposed to a TON of information that you can use to make money. I insist that if you use even one single idea we present in the circle, by the time the 60 days is up, you will have at least earned the $49 required to keep your membership - and probable much more.

Does that make sense?

But if you don't use the info - if you sit on your hands - you won't earn a single penny. That's what upsets me - to see people tell me that they can't afford it right now - maybe when their business gets going.

Well how will your business ever "get going" without the proper marketing information? If you aren't willing to risk the $49, you're never going to make it. 9 out of 10 small businesses fail. Why? Because they don't know how to market.

The 1 out of 10 who make it are either lucky or know how to market. Which are you?

The information here is enough to put you into the 1 out of 10 category. But it requires you to put it in action.

I'd like to close with an ABSURD and RIDICULOUS challenge guarantee.

If you take the 30 day trial - then continue for 30 more days at 99 cents - and use the information you learn, but don't earn at least 1 new client or $49 to pay for your continued membership, I will allow you to continue your membership for free until you earn the $49. All you have to do is show me what you did and how you did it. And if the idea came from our suggestions, and didn't pay off, you can stay in until it does.