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Welcome Sam Rosen

guestastronaut_sam.jpgToday is a first for Gravitational Marketing and for this blog.

This month we will be featuring a guest expert here on the blog and in the Inner Circle.

Please welcome Sam Rosen.

Sam is a young and aggressive student of direct response marketing and he's an expert in house list development.

He's helped many online companies drastically increase their traffic, list size, and sales. He's the co-founder of

Sam is currently charting new territory and researching new methods for applying proven online list, buzz, and sales development strategies to the small business marketing process.

His insightful ideas about marketing - and the process of marketing at the small business level - will be a refreshing and energizing addition to all of the content here on this site. We're confident you will much appreciate him for the true marketing genius he is.

You'll have an opportunity to learn from Sam here in the blog and on the members-only teleconferences and group discussions.

Without further ado, please welcome Sam - and ask as many questions as you can while we've got him with us. This is a valuable opportunity for all of us that may not come around again soon.