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Time Management At Its Finest

stopwatch.jpgThis isn't really marketing related...but if you're guilty of nonsense like this, you're marketing probably won't work either. Some may be offended by this...but what the heck?

Jim and I were invited as guests to a sales seminar today (which was really an entry point into their funnel - good idea, by the way). As we were chatting around at the beginning, I overheard discussion that so and so had cancelled at the last minute - literally.

The problem was these folks were nice enough to order lunch in for everyone - and they really did a good job following up to be sure everyone would be there. So by so and so not showing up (party of 2) this company left 2 seats unfilled and wasted a few plates of food.

I was irked - even though it was none of my business. I happen to know a little bit about so and so - because someone else told us they were having some problems getting their business to take off.

Why is it that the least successful among us are always the ones who can't get their stuff together? I mean, wouldn't it seem that the guy with a money problem shouldn't have a time problem? But no, this guy is so important and busy that he waited until 10 minutes before the seminar to cancel.

So I chuckled and remarked to Jim how annoying that was. How frustrating it was to know that people who need the most help were the least interested in getting it.

To my surprise, a young woman sitting at the table with us shot me a disdainful look and explained that maybe his kids were sick.

Maybe. But slim chance.

The more likely scenario is that this person is so disorganized that he just can never get ahead. He can't find time to read, to volunteer, to participate in his kid's little league. He can't spare the time to learn how to make his business better. But he probably has plenty of time to catch Desperate Housewives and pick up a few lotto ticket son the way home Friday night.

Am I being assumptive? Prejudice? I most certainly am. But these things occur in patterns. The same people have the same problems over and over again - because they make those problems for themselves.

In contrast, the same successful people keep finding success over and over again. It's a pattern. And it's a pattern we can learn and practice.

That's why I was frustrated. It makes me angry to witness people stare down an empty well their entire life just waiting for the next empty bucket to arrive. You've got to make it happen for yourself. And as the old saying goes, showing up is half the game.

Coup de gras: Everyone introduced themselves at the beginning of the meeting. Turns out the woman who gave me the dirty look was a time management "coach."

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! Maybe he was her client!!

P.S. I'm sorry if the guy's kids really were sick or if he was in an accident or something. I'm not trying to be mean - stuff does happen.