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The Thing About The Rule Of Thirds

idol.gifSo...I admit it. I watch Idol. Actually, Ella likes it (can I use that as an excuse yet?). But I'm not ashamed...there were 47 million votes for American Idol last just imagine how many other people must be watching. As I was watching last night, I found myself cheering for the loss of Brenna, who I despised. Brenna was arrogant and pushy and really turned me off - and she thought she was 'all that.' But then it struck me...isn't she the definition of "rule of thirds?" You're probably wondering what that is? It's the fact that by and large, if you make yourself seen in the marketplace, one third of the people will love you, one third will hate you and one third will just outright ignore you. We speak to thousands of people a year and tell them they must risk being disliked by some in order to be loved by others. And it's the truth. Isn't that what Brenna was doing? And what about all the weirdos who auditioned for Idol? Couldn't they plead the "rule of thirds" defense? In the words of Randy Jackson, "For me, dog, that's just not good." So I thought about it. And here's the the thing... "Rule of thirds" is not about being an a-hole. It's not about being a weirdo. To quote Sam Rosen, "You must be scendsational in terms of the value you bring to the market." Just being hated by a group of people doesn't guarantee you'll be liked by others. So instead of worrying about making people hate you, worry about making people love you - without regard for the risk of turning others off. Don't be weird or mean just for the sake of being different. Have a point. Bring value. Ruthlessly seek to improve peoples' lives...and don't get upset about criticism you receive along the way. Does this make sense? What are your thoughts?