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The Grinch Who Tried To Steal My Daughter’s Christmas

by Travis Miller

I'll keep this short. We went to the mall to get Ella's picture taken with Santa. Santa was on break (how nice). So, Jennie let Ella meander around the little area looking at the presents under the tree, ornaments on the tree, fake snow, etc. Basically, being a (less than) 2 year old. Jerk who works there comes over and tells them to scram, that they can't be in that area. Jennie and Ella leave and tell him where he can park his candy cane. What gives? What the hell is that display for if it's not for little kids to marvel at? You can bet Jennie and I wouldn't have been stopping if we didn't have a toddler in tow. And needless to say, we didn't wait around for Santa to finish his smoke break. Marketing lesson: don't be such an ass when you're trying to sell Polaroid pictures for $30 a pop.