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That’s A Beautiful Glass Of Iced Tea!

0711_icedtea.jpgToday Jim and I met a few fellows for lunch to talk about them adding extra value to this site - and to YOUR life. It's gonna be big - and you all are going to benefit in a major way from the information these guys have in their head.

They are SALES geniuses, and they're gonna spill it all for you. Stay tuned for that.

But while we were waiting for them to arrive, we ordered drinks. Jim went with an iced tea. I went with a water.

Moments late, Jim's iced tea arrived. Now, understand, this iced tea was probably a $3 beverage - pretty stiff for an iced tea. But when it landed on the table, my mouth began watering - it was overflowing with generous lemons slices and sprigs of mint! It was gorgeous - and instantly made me think of a hot day sitting on my front porch, downing a pitcher of the stuff. I love iced tea!

Well, as soon as I saw this glory in a glass, I handed my water back to the server (the water was noticeably less enticing) and asked for an iced tea.

The point: they won me over by WAY OVER DELIVERING. They took the ultimate commodity - iced tea - and created an experience out of it. An experience I was willing to pay a few bucks extra for.

There's a lesson in that for small businesses - and their marketing. When you're trying to compete with bigger companies - or your trying to get a few clients, period - increasing the value of your experience can go a long way in allowing you to charge more and eliminating the possibility of comparing you to competitors.

And sometimes the smallest things (like lemons and mint) can strike chords that matter to your customers.

In chatting about this, Jim and I decided it would have been really funny if they brought the water out in a little glass, with a cheap straw - so you felt like a wiener drinking it.

One thing is for sure - we felt like two kings sitting back and sipping on our "end of Florida summer" iced teas.