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Testimonials – Ying & Yang (Part 1)

Concierge.jpgTestimonials are important. Why? Because they prove you have good service. Here, let me share a specific example with you. Now, I've never seen this done - but I think it is powerful. In this case, let me know you feelings by commenting on this post - is this effective or not? We recently had a customer cash in his refund chip with us. Of course, everything we offer is 100% guaranteed. The guarantees are different and specific to each product or service - but they are always there. And in the rare case when we do get called up to the plate, we cheerfully stand behind our word and refund the money. That's the way we do business here - even on the Internet. After the reverse transaction was complete, we received this note from the customer:
No firm can be 100% accurate at all times. Occasionally there are goof ups... and sometimes it is at no fault of those concerned. But for anyone about to do business with Jim & Travis, you should know that whatever the issue, if you feel that something needs to be made right for you to feel whole, Jim & Travis are right on to fix it immediately.... with no questions asked. I only wish customer service was this good everywhere else I do business.
Now if I were using that in an advertisement, I would list this person's name and company. But I will withhold it here. Trust me, it is real and unchanged. It's the first time I ever received a testimonial about a refund. At first, I didn't know what to do with it. But then I started thinking about it... When people are thinking about spending money on the Internet (or anywhere - but the Internet is the worst), they are very skeptical. Sometimes even a guarantee isn't enough because distrusting customers may believe that you could disappear at any moment. So what better way to assuage those fears - and prove that your service, and more specifically, your guarantee is PURR-FECT - than to use a testimonial? You see, people aren't so concerned about good service. As Jim said, they expect it. What they're more concerned with is whether or not you will hold up your end of the bargain if something goes wrong - or if the service sucks - or the product doesn't do what they had hoped. So consider dumping the the lame lines about your service - and replacing them with real testimonials about it. And better than service, prove that your guarantee is real.