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Success Riddle Answered

By Jimmy Vee


Man, I just finished putting Autumn down to sleep. It's such a wonderful feeling to spend quality time with my little girl. That’s what an Enjoyable, Simple and Prosperous business is all about…spending time on the precious things in life. The things you can’t get back if you miss them. Granted, I don’t get nearly as much of that in as I’d like. But it’s far more than most business owners we consult and speak with spend on the things they really want to be doing.

Well, I didn’t want the day to end without giving you the answer to the success riddle. We had so many great guesses and even a right answer! The correct answer, as it was told to me, is…Your Habits.

When you think about it, your habits do have control over whether you succeed or fail. If you practice success thinking and success habits on a daily basis you can’t help but to achieve, continue growing and reachieve your goals. If you practice bad habits daily and practice negative thinking you will find yourself constantly disappointed, treading water and second guessing yourself and your success.

I think this riddle is a good opportunity for all of us to take a look at our habits and honestly see if they are success habits or something less desirable.