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Sell Your Body…For Ad Space?

I was driven to this link off of a MMGIC member’s blog and thought I would share it with all of you because it is very interesting and has many lessons to be learned tucked within it.

First off, here is the link:

What Is It:

Tat Ad is essentially an advertising agency that brokers ad space on people’s bodies in the form of tattoos. This is a pretty ingenious concept one at which was proven successful by one of the spy tools we discussed on last weeks call.

Do you know which one???

The Secret Spy Tool That Makes Predictions

eBay is the tool that predicted the potential business viability of a tattoo advertising agency when an Omaha, Nebraska college student sold advertising on his forehead for $30,000.00. Since the first body art ad stunts on eBay, many others have followed and had success in both media coverage and companies buying.

Action Speaks Louder Than Anything

The big lesson here is action. Someone saw a trend and they capitalized on it. There are people out there willing to sell their bodies for ad revenue and someone was smart enough to realize the potential and take action on a concept that can make them millions.

It was a calculated risk at some level because eBay already showed that a market existed, that people were instead in selling themselves and that companies were interested in buying. Money is made putting buyers and sellers together.

The declining effectiveness of most branding-types of traditional media and the resistance from media companies to reduce cost has many companies scrambling for other, new ways to “get their name out there.” The reduced effectiveness and high costs have forced a demand for nontraditional advertising methods up and created a rising push toward one-to-one, experiential, and word-of-mouth marketing.

What's Good About The Site

Good use of testimonials.

If you want to see any picture or tattoo art you have to register – great permission gathering tool.

Final thoughts

Don’t think because of this post that we are recommending you buy some seductive skin to advertise your company. We are not. Tattoo advertising is a fluffy, fluff, branding ad medium that the results will be modest at best, unless you can parlay it into tons of free media publicity (for advanced marketers only.)

Until you can place the tattoo and a potential customer can swipe their credit card in their butt crack – I’d stay away.

Our suggestion for the people who really love this concept…tattoo your logo on your own forehead and save the $30,000.00.