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Repeat Customers Get Tuxed

tux.jpgMy brother in law is getting married later this month. I'm an usher or a groomsman or whatever they call it these days. Happy times. So, I get an email with instructions to go get fitted forĀ a tuxedo at the local tux shop in the mall. It happens to be the same place I used for my wedding and the same place my brother used for his. So, this will make me a third time customer. Not bad. The last thing I have time to do is drive to the mall and get fitted for a tux -- especially since I just did the same thing a year ago. So my lovely wife, who's always looking out for me, calls up the shop and asks them to just pull up my measurements from last year and order my tux based on those specs. No go. Why? They only keep measurements on file for 3 months. What? Are they trying to save hard drive space? Just seems like a stupid inconvenience. And to think, it's the repeat customers who experience this. Instead, they should have a quasi-concierge service for repeat customers. Like...more flexibility on pick up and drop off times, maybe a little discount...a web site that stores your measurements and lets you place orders with a click. Alas, nothing of the sort. In fact, when I did go in they had no idea I was a repeat customer, nor did they care. I mention this to caution you from making this mistake in your business. Walk through doing business with yourself in your customers shoes. Your repeat customers' shoes. Try to eliminate those sticky, irritating points that run the risk of costing you a customer.