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Question From A Member: What Are The 7 Key Copy Drivers?

Thank you, Susan. Excellent question.

The 7 key copy drivers we mentioned in the latest ad tear down and rebuild are (as listed by Denny Hatch in "Method Marketing" found in our book list, conceived of by Bob Hacker):

  1. Flattery
  2. Fear
  3. Greed
  4. Anger
  5. Guilt
  6. Exclusivity
  7. Salvation

Bob Hacker calls defines these copy drivers as "hot buttons" which change human behavior. He says "If your copy isn’t positively dripping with one or more of these, tear it up and start over."

Having concrete elements like these available to you makes creating marketing material positively simple. Instead of staring at a wall thinking of something to say (or God forbid something cute, clever, or funny), you can look at this list, pick one or two that apply to your business, and start writing about them.

We have these printed out in bold letters and pinned to our wall - along with many other helpful shortcuts.

Maybe one day we'll package up all the sheets on our wall and make them available. They certainly help us every day.

If you have to write copy for ads or letters or web site, I highly recommend you print this list and hang it on your wall, too.