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Pulling My Hair Out

Actually, I’m not.

But I did hear a radio ad for hair loss treatment this morning. So what, right?

They were doing a very smart thing. And I was surprised.

I was surprised because most people on the radio screw it up. Then they wonder why it didn’t work.

This hair loss treatment center was advertising to get men and women, afflicted by hair loss, to call and order a copy of a DVD with hundreds of before and after pictures.

Brilliant. “Call and order my testimonials!” That’s the equivalent.

Now, I’m not losing my hair. But if I was, I am pretty sure I would be very interested in seeing before and after pictures of hair replacement. Maybe even if just out of curiosity. Is it possible? Would it work for me? Is it obvious? How would I look with it?

Notice that they didn’t try to convince anyone to buy. They didn’t sell the virtues of the treatment. No. They wouldn’t have time for that in :60 seconds anyway.

All they did was ask the qualified prospects (people losing their hair) to raise their hands and ask for more information – in this case, the before and after dvd.

Not only will they have a chance to send all of their lovely sales information to those interested people, but they will also have the opportunity to FOLLOW UP – relentlessly – with each of those people. And they can be confident their efforts are being well-spent on qualified and interested people.

Pretty basic when you think about it. But nobody does it. People just don’t have the guts. They get the microphone and they want to scream at the top of their lungs BUY ME!!!

Then nobody buys and they decide radio doesn’t work.