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Perception Is Reality

faces.jpgIt doesn’t surprise me that Bob Bly would post this entry with the subject – “Copy Is King.”

The discussion here is a powerful one that I thought was very important to share with you. We talk a lot about the importance of saying certain things and being complete, thorough and descriptive in your sales copy. But as Bob points out you must also be conscious of how you say certain things.

Background, society and culture all influence the way people perceive the message you are sending. This perception becomes their reality whether they interpret your message the way you intended or not.

This is why it is so vital that you are detailed and compete in your messages and copy. You must also be aware of your targets background, role in society and cultural influences. These will all have bearing on how they receive your communication and influence their reaction and the steps they take.

The purpose of all your communication should have a desired action tied to it (if it doesn’t – you’re wasting your time and money) and if you want that action to occur you must take into consideration all the obstacles that might pollute your message and inhibit your audience from getting the point and taking the prescribed action.

Think of your message as photography. Even though the object may be the same in two separate photographs the picture can convey a completely different feeling and message if shot under unlike lighting conditions.

You want to shoot your message under the most favorable light. It may mean the difference between making the cover of Millionaire Magazine or ending up in a shoe box under someone’s bed.