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My Business Is Different

Today we received a note from one of our past Gold Members. He wrote us to say "thanks" for the advice and to let us know that he didn't have time to spend an hour a day on a web site reading general business fluff. And, most importantly, that his business was "different."


A few thoughts on this - and they are important to you, no matter what business you're in.

Primarily, we truly hope that you don't feel this information is "general business fluff." In fact, I'm pretty darned confident that it's quite the opposite.

Yesterday we spoke at the University of Central Florida at the kick off to their employment fair. We were fortunate enough to share the platform with such great and renowned speakers as Pat Williams (GM of the Orlando Magic). At the end of our presentation, a student came up to us and explained, "Everything you said today was the opposite of what everyone else said." I took that as an extreme compliment. And as reassurance that we are staying far enough out on the edge.

I have a hunch that this "member" never read far enough into a single post to even get a feeling for what we were talking about.

Secondly, no business is different. In fact, real success comes from being able to monitor effective actions in one business or industry and apply them to your own. We all need to learn from what each other are doing.

If you maintain the attitude or belief that your business is so different, you're going to be left behind and miss of a lot of valuable information that circulates the world.

Your prospects respond to the same emotional triggers and have the same deep desires as everyone else's prospects. And that's what marketing is all about - getting deep down inside your prospects' wants and desires. Ignoring that fact is a major limitation most people have.

Finally, I just so happen to read a local magazine that this past member advertises in. Unfortunately, he never took any of the advice we laid out here. His ad is mediocre, month after month after month. And he probably always wonders why it's not working.

The answers to his question can be found right here. But he was unable to invest that small amount of time to find them.