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If You’re Not Rich…Ask Yourself This Question.

If you are not rich you have to ask yourself one simple question. pigbank.jpg

How much value do you deliver to the market place?

This may seem like an odd question for a marketing blog but think about it. Think about the ramifications of your answer in terms of your business value and success.

The value you create in the market place, in your community, in the lives of your prospects and customers, in the world is directly proportional to the value you get in return and  how you are rewarded both financially and spiritually.

Think about Bill Gates. I just read in Forbes Magazine’s special issue, The 400 Richest People In America, that he is the top dog with $51 billion.

Now think about the value he has delivered to the market place and all the  people he has touched with his company, products, services, money, time and effort.

Think about what Microsoft and Windows have done for the productivity of the world and for you personally.

Think about the profit it has brought back to the market place.

The value delivered is consummate with the value received for it.

Now ask yourself again…What value do you deliver to the market place?

Figure out how you can increase that level and you will have an action plan to increase your business and financial success.

If you want to succeed you have to deliver value FIRST.

Ol’ Billy Gates didn’t have a billion before he created Windows. He gave the value first and collected later.

How can you give value to your prospects and customers, the market place, your industry, your community…FIRST?

One way is to deliver value in the form of information and content that people want. Knowledge leveraged into action is where power comes from. Leverage your knowledge into action in the form of information and deliver it as "value first" to your market.

You WILL be rewarded.