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How To Waste An Ad Budget

Seth Godin recently posted this:

This billboard is essentially a joke - and a perfect reason why so many companies are frustrated with their advertising (and the associated lack of ROI).

This is a prime example of someone being completely confused about the purpose of marketing: getting people to buy something.

The clever person who thought this up likely feels quite proud. But remember, clever isn't the goal.

This billboard fails to do the following:

  • Who is Bloom?
  • Why do I want these muffins?
  • Where do I get them?

By the way, most billboards make the same mistakes - it's difficult to get those message across in 8 words. That's why we don't recommend billboards for most people.

I completely agree with Seth (and Jay) that the most effective use of a billboard is "Next Exit." I've often cited Cracker Barrel as being one of the wisest users of outdoor media.

Oh...and if you're thinking that this would somehow cause this company to "get its name out there" or "build some brand," forget about it. You see, someone would have to care enough to allow this to create brand - and this message completely fails to give anyone a reason to care.