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Here’s A Way To Get New Leads For Free!

This week we stumbled on a silly little thing - that cost nothing - but got results. I figured this would be helpful for anyone who is scratching their head thinking, "Gosh, I need new clients, but I don't have any money to market or advertising - and I hate cold calling."  I hate cold calling, too, by the way. There are a lot of books on this subject. And many people have over complicated this. But in true Jim-and-Travis fashion, we have an idea that is blisteringly simple. Here's what you do: Go to your chamber of commerce web site. Find out when the next event is. On the day of or before the event, pull up the list of members. This is generally available. If not, call them and tell them what you're going to do and I'll bet they'll give you the list. Begin dialing. When the person picks up say this: "Hi there Jane, this is Jethro calling for the __ Chamber of Commerce. Tonight, we're having an after hours networking event at Main Street Bank - and I wanted to personally invite you. There are going to be about 70 people there, many of whom will be perfect prospects for (whatever they sell - remember, that's what they care about). I'll be there myself, and I'd love to share a drink with you and introduce you to some people who might be good connections for you. Just look for me, I'll be wearing a (whatever)." Yes, this is a little outgoing. But what's more important, you're shyness or anxiety or your family? That's what I thought. We can all endure a little bit of potential embarrassment in exchange for our family's wellbeing. The good news is there's nothing to be embarrassed about. People will be VERY surprised by your call. But this will be a point of contact that becomes a point of impact. And that rarely happens. People will welcome your invitation. And when they come, you'll have a chance to talk to them and get to know them - under the auspice of welcoming them - which you are of course. People buy from people they know, like and trust. This is a fast-pass to that position. And it requires no selling. It let's you get in touch with people for no other reason than a friendly reminder. They'll like you for it. Do this for two or three weeks and you'll find your schedule booked with coffee appointments where you can extend your new friendship and start talking business. If you need clients, and you can't afford to advertise, there no excuse not to try this.