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B # 1

monkey.jpgOne of the presentations we often give in public is "The 7 Bs In Scendsational." This presentation shares the name of one of our ebooks.

Scendsational is a powerful strategy that cause an individual or company to stand completely apart from the crowd. The 7 Bs are 7 specific states you must aim to "be" in if you want to be scendsational.

The first B is: Be Interested.

Being interested is a combo b. It envelopes the concept of keep you mouth shut and your ears open. But it also means to find out what your clients/customers/prospects want before giving it to them.

Believe it or not, many people go out into the world peddling wares that nobody is interested in. The marketing enemy #1.

We strive constantly to be genuinely interested. And since there are so many new "Inner Circle" members (over 100 new members this month alone) we have to constantly stay focused on what YOU are interested in.

With that said, we would very much appreciate it if each of you took a brief moment to answer the "1 Question Survey" found on the navigation bar inside the "circle" or by clicking this link.

Capturing this data allows us to stay up on what YOU want, so we can continue keeping the content here relevant and interesting to YOU. 

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