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A New Kind of Marketing For Your Same Old Business

A friend told me a story this morning: He called it Dr. 2.0! It's a physician who specializes in a particular neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY, has no office, makes house calls only, and targets young adults with no health insurance. I can only imagine that this guy's net profit is close to 100% (less subway fare). He even makes people APPLY to be a patient. You should learn more about what he does by visiting his site. This is a prime example of living life on your own terms, doing business your own way, and creating a tightly defined target market. Plus - with healthcare being a big buzz right now, he gets to tie into the conversation already taking place. That delivers extra horsepower to his message. On a political/socioeconomic note, I should point out that this seems like the way health care should work. Doctors charge reasonable fees, provide convenient service. Patients pay cash for it. I dare say it would come out to cost a whole lot less than health insurance. Obviously, we'd need to carry some sort of bond or something for major/catastrophic injury. I'll leave it at that so as not to incite a riot.